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Community Service Program

The community service program continues to be a successful alternative punishment for youth appearing at court. The program has held several projects of its own over the past year, consisting of activities to promote restoration and beautification within Jefferson County.  These projects included litter pick-ups along  the county’s roadways and parks, recycling, planting the youth garden, public school clean-ups, and active participation with the county’s annual fair.  Not only do the citizens of Jefferson County benefit from these practices, youth participating in these endeavors learn about accountability, social responsibility, and positive productivity.

Community Service Verification Form


P.R.I.D.E. Program

P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Reinforcement of Inner Determination and Endurance) provides youth the structure to better themselves both mentally and physically. The program is used to gain structure in the everyday life of at-risk youth.   The program provides a significant physical stress challenge for delinquent youth.


Summer Youth Program 

The Summer Youth Program provides a meaningful alternative for juvenile offenders.  This daily program strives to expose youth to positive, community serving experiences.  In lieu of more severe sanctions, youth in Jefferson County are given the opportunity to be proactive in the community in a setting that is safe for both the community and the youth.  Youth provide services to cities, townships, parks, school districts and non-profit agencies.  In return, we are instilling our youth with a sense of pride for the community in which they live.  Additionally, the program involves youth participation in P.R.I.D.E. and receiving community speakers.  These community speakers range from job coaches, to martial arts instructors, to former juvenile delinquents who have turned their lives around.   Positive behavior in the program is rewarded on Fridays with group outings involving swimming, outdoor activities, and cookouts.  Typically, a juvenile will participate five days a week for an average of 15-30 days.  

School Liaison Truancy Prevention Program

 Juvenile Court has embarked upon a collaborative effort with the Jefferson County Educational Center, five school districts in Jefferson County, and various county agencies, along with the support of the county Board of Commissioners. 

Juvenile Court School Liaisons work with Jefferson County students, families and schools to reduce truancy and ensure that students are attending school as required. The goal is to keep students in school and out of the formal juvenile court system.

School liaisons become involved at the earliest hint of attendance issues.  They meet with students who are consistently absent as well as those who regularly arrive at school late or leave school early.  School Liaisons serve as a link between parents, the schools and Juvenile Court.

They work with the families to identify the barriers that contribute to school attendance issues and find solutions.  School Liaisons also investigate students who have unexcused or excessive absences when referred by school officials.

If necessary, the liaison will refer the student to the court for a mediation hearing, and as a last resort, file formal unruly charges. 

Important Forms

Forms for the Juvenile Court are available online. Click here for more.