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Probation is the most widely used concept, and disposition, ordered for adjudicated youth. Depending on the level of offense, misdemeanor, felony, or unruly, offenders are placed on probation for a period of thirty days to one year, with other sanctions as ordered by the court. Probation will be longer than minimum requirements when there are issues of non-compliance.

Juvenile Court employs eight probation officers, each having a caseload in which they continuously monitor adjudicated youth with regular visits at the court, at home, at school and in the community. The probation officers report a juvenile’s progress to the judge, have the power to arrest probationers, and file violation of probation charges within the court. They also report and make recommendations to the court concerning a youth’s well-being. With increasing numbers every year, the probation staff constantly works to create innovative strategies to help juveniles and their families be rehabilitated.

Probation Staff

Fred Abdalla, Jr – Chief Probation Officer

Probation Officers

David Conrad
Jamie Dent
Doug Knight
Mindy Nash
Eliza Reese
Tyrone Roseberry
Sean Tucker

Important Forms

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