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Juvenile Detention Center 

Jefferson County Juvenile Detention Center is a division of the Jefferson County Juvenile Court. Our facility provides secure detention services for both males and females typically between the ages of 10 – 18.

We provide short-term, secure detention services to juvenile courts in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our facility provides care, supervision, and rehabilitative services to juveniles who are alleged or adjudicated delinquent, pending court action, awaiting transfer to another facility, sentenced to detention, or unable to be safely served in a non-secure environment.


To schedule a visit

You must call Detention Control at 740-283-8684 at least 24 hours in advance of your visit. 

Visitation is an important moment in a child’s week. A child is permitted one, thirty minute visit per week, and he or she may use incentive points to earn an extra half an hour for any visit.

Visitation Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday at 3:00 pm.

Parents, grandparents, legal guardians or custodians are invited to visit. Space limitations dictate visits be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Only two visitors will be permitted per session. Attorneys, clergy, probation officers, and approved caseworkers are permitted to visit at anytime.

Visitation FYI: Proper identification is required.

Every visitor will be searched, and any visitor may be escorted from the center if security concerns arise. Nothing is to be given to juveniles in detention. Jefferson County Juvenile Detention is not responsible for items left in lockers, the visitation room, or waiting areas located throughout the facility. Leave unnecessary items in your vehicle. Visits may need to be rescheduled when severe sanctions have been imposed on the juvenile


Phone Calls

Juveniles will be permitted to make a ‘free’ phone call upon admission to our detention center. Phone privileges will be extended to your child during his/her stay; provided their behavior is appropriate and adequate, and time is available. These calls will be made Tuesday and Thursday between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Only parents, grandparents and guardians are allowed to be called. Phone calls are outgoing collect or pre-pay only.

You can make arrangements to pre-pay your telephone calls by calling 1-800-583-9683 p.m. on weekdays and
1-866-430-0561 on weekends.

Mail Service

In most cases, juveniles will receive letters sent to them within 24 hours of delivery. Packages are not permitted. If sent, they will be checked by building security, inventoried, and placed with the child’s personal property. Letters will be examined by detention staff for contraband.

Mail sent from other juvenile or adult correctional facilities is prohibited.

Youth will be allowed to write letters on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday provided their privileges have not been lost due to misbehavior or noncompliance. Letter writing is a privilege and can be lost due to poor conduct. We offer ample opportunity to write letters to family, friends, and loved ones. Letter writing is a privilege – privileges must be earned.

Medical Care

Medical staff is available 24 hours a day. Sick call is conducted daily, Monday through Friday. Our center employs a full-time registered nurse and is a board-certified physician. Medical assessments are conducted within 72 hours of admission.
Emergency medical care is available if needed.

Should your child require medication, or if he/she has medical condition, please inform court personnel or contact detention staff prior to or upon admission. Our detention center requires medical insurance information pertaining to your child’s coverage. Questions or concerns about medical care should be directed to the detention nurse.


Education is mandatory under Ohio Law. Residents are required to attend class, regardless
of age or academic status. We provide 2 certified teachers who offers educational services throughout the school year. The curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Proficiency Model of Instruction. A brief synopsis of the areas of instruction includes mathematics, reading, social studies, English, and science. If you have questions concerning the educational program please contact a detention teacher.

Religious Services

Religious services are scheduled but optional. Juveniles will not be penalized if they choose not to participate. If a specific member of the clergy would like to visit your child, simply contact us and schedule an appointment. Proper identification must be shown prior to the visit.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

On Monday evenings, residents participate in a drug & alcohol prevention group. This educational session is conducted by a graduate level, certified chemical dependency counselor.
Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our lives.

Important Forms

Forms for the Juvenile Court are available online. Click here for more.