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Juvenile Traffic Court

The Jefferson County Juvenile Traffic Court Program has been in existence since April 2005 and is a court managed community sanction incentive intervention program that identifies first time and repeat juvenile traffic offenders.

The Traffic Court Program also provides alleged juvenile traffic offenders an opportunity to participate in traditional formal hearing proceedings such as an initial appearance, pre-trial, contested, and disposition hearing process.

Upon adjudication for a moving traffic violation, the juvenile traffic offender will then be classified into one(1) of two (2) separate tracks.

Track one (1) is the diversionary track of which first time adjudicated traffic offenders are eligible to participate.  Disposition involves court costs and community service. Upon completion of community service and payment of court costs, the Juvenile Court Judge may then dismiss the traffic violation.

Track two (2) involves all adjudicated traffic offenders that have one (1) or more prior moving traffic violation adjudications.  Disposition now entails a fine and a license suspension that can be imposed by the Juvenile Court Judge in addition to mandatory court costs and community service.  License suspension duration and fine amount is determined upon the number of previous moving traffic violations.

Important Forms

Forms for the Juvenile Court are available online. Click here for more.